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At Olive Tree, we believe that creativity is a language all its own. We don’t just communicate visually with clarity – our expertise spans every form of digital media imaginable so you can get your message out there and make an impactful first impression across any platform!

Concepts & brainstorming

If you’re looking for creative ideas to take your projects to the next level, we offer 1-2 hour remote brainstorming sessions that help you tackle challenges with confidence and creativity.

Brand & Identity

It’s time to put your story on display. Our designers will create a logo and branding that captures the essence of your brand. This is an essential component of any brand.

Marketing Collateral

From brochures to website banners – our designers know how make a strong first impression with unique graphics that will leave any audience captivated from start-to-finish!

Video & Animation

Video and animation is the highest engaging digital content. With a custom video, we can help tell your story in an innovative way that will engage audiences of all sizes!

Website design

A business website is a crucial marketing tool for your company. Whether you’re looking to build an online shop from scratch or just update the look of one already up-and-running – our talented team can help!

Social media design

Keeping up with trends on social media can be a challenge, but we’ll take care of everything! From content creation and graphic design to video production for your company’s page.

Presentation design

Effective presentations are all about engagement and impact. We create visual elements that will wow your audience, from videos to infographics or PowerPoint slideshows with animation transitions!

Digital courses

Have an idea for a digital course? Let us help make it happen! We can create dynamic introductions, title cards with your voice over introduction as well as worksheets to go along with each lesson in a printable format.

Digital & print publications

Do you need a book or long-format work turned into an engaging digital format? We’ve got your back. Our InDesign experts are trained to design books from 4 pages and up.

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