Olive Tree

Every company has a story. This is ours.
growing from a seed

Did you know that Olive trees can live for thousands of years? 

Olive trees not only produce exquisite tasting olives and oils, but they also speak the language of history and legacy.  And, when you step out of your comfort zone to plant the start-up seed to your success, you want to plant a seed that is going to grow into a legacy.  A seed that will stand the test of time. 

Olive Tree Works began as a start-up whose aim was to positively impact family living space through powerful words, sayings, and artwork. The desire to offer unique, inspiring designs to families quickly grew into helping local businesses improve their marketing strategies. 

We started by offering unique and creative sign solutions for windows, walls, and vehicles.  But soon we learned that signs could not advance marketing strategies that didn’t exist.  So, before we knew it we were helping local businesses create marketing plans from the ground up.  

Hence, before we knew it Olive Tree Works became a full-service marketing company. Today, we have expanded into a multi-faceted creative communications hub offering strategic marketing, graphic design, social media solutions, and educational courses. 

This year we are launching our Coaching and Training platform, Olive Tree Academy. Our first master-class Social Media Bootcamp is now available! And coming soon is our signature Incubator Coaching program designed to give you the skills, mindset, and tools needed to grow your business and online influence platform from seed to success. 

Oh, and one last add-in, this year we are expanding outside the United States. Where? It’s kept under wraps until we launch! 

So, make sure to subscribe to our community for dynamic content and updates.  And, if you’re ready to level up your marketing and social media skillsets check out Olive Tree Academy! 

Strategic marketing and design focused on getting results.

We are passionate about providing exceptional design solutions paired with current marketing strategies aimed to propel your business to the next level.

We’re a team of marketing strategists that work with businesses to help them attract their target audience. We have all sorts of skillsets, but at the heart, it’s about getting people what they need from you!

At Olive Tree, we believe that creativity is a language all its own. We don’t just communicate visually with clarity – our expertise spans every form of digital media imaginable so you can get your message out there and make an impactful first impression across any platform!

We’re social media experts who help companies get more leads, engagement, and conversions through smarter social media marketing.

We teach, coach and inspire small business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital marketing specialists how to take their brands to the next level. Our engaging online training courses and online marketing tools will set you on a path to #growforward!

Mastermind Team

Our team is a small but mighty group of people. We like to think that we’re all working together as one, and our network includes talented freelance designers and copywriters too!

Founder, brand strategist & designer

Sarah is a creative who has been working in marketing and advertising for over 15 years. She heads up all of the company’s design projects from branding strategy to executional designs with an eye on storytelling content that will connect with audiences across platforms.

Growth strategist

Kim’s writing is captivating and witty, she has a gift for words. From her first book at the age of 18 to now as an international speaker – Kim knows how to communicate effectively through any medium!

videographer & editor

Shlomo is our videographer, editor, and animator. He’s vital in bringing business messaging to life with motion. Shlomo lives in Israel with the cutest dog you’ve ever seen, and he’s even a pianist with several recorded works!

Amanda Blumeyer
Project Manager

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Rob Chaikouang
Vice President of Finance

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Mark Walters
Founder and CEO

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We teach entrepreneurs how to get more clients, leads, and sales with a content-driven online marketing strategy.